PACIFIC DIGEST Kicks Off Second Season

Aug. 13, 2007

PACIFIC DIGEST, the unique sports publication that focuses on all 16 University of the Pacific sports teams during the school year, will kick off its second season on Sept. 24 - bigger and better.

Since The Digest was launched in September 2006, circulation has grown from 10,000 copies per issue to 22,500, an amazing increase of 125%. It's been a showcase for advertisers, who have latched on to this very unique audience and demographic -- Pacific students, parents, faculty, staff alumni and supporters in San Joaquin, Sacramento and Stanislaus counties. No other advertising vehicle reaches this demographic.

If you are looking to build a new client base, new partnerships, or reach a new younger, high-demographic target audience, Pacific Digest is for you.

Here are dates and main editorial topics for each issue:

IssueFeatureDistributionAd closeAd due
No. 1VolleyballSept. 24, 2007Aug. 28, 2007Aug. 31, 2007
No. 2BasketballNov. 7, 2007Oct. 3, 2007Oct. 9, 2007
No. 3BaseballJan. 18, 2008Dec. 17, 2007Dec. 21, 2007
No. 4Scholar AthletesMarch 3, 2008Feb. 4, 2008Feb. 8, 2008
No. 5Year-in-ReviewMay 1, 2008April 2, 2008April 7, 2008

Issue No. 1 of PACIFIC DIGEST will focus on the rebuilding of the volleyball program under the direction of Charlie Wade and we'll also take you back to when it all began at Pacific through the eyes of one of the sports' truly successful players and entrepreneurs. We'll also catch you up on everything you missed over the summer--from updating some amazing accomplishments of last-season's stars to introducing you to the faces who are certain to become the stars of tomorrow. And today. It's an issue filled with new twists, new features and plenty of information to help make you a Pacific sports expert.


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