The NCAA Life Skills program is designed to address the “total development” of the student-athlete. It is a well-rounded plan for students to develop the individual skills necessary to lead a successful, productive life and become leaders and contributors to the community and the nation. The program consists of five components: academic excellence, athletic excellence, career development, personal development and service.

To encourage student-athletes to be well-rounded and grow both academically and personally, Pacific requires that every student-athlete attends one (1) Life Skills workshop that interests them in addition to the mandatory Life Skills program each academic year. Some workshop topics may include: drug and alcohol abuse, proper nutrition and eating disorders, time and stress management, gambling and career development. If a student-athlete attends a program that athletics does not offer, the studentathlete may get the program preapproved and provide Athletics a ticket, flier or signature documenting their attendance.

Important components of the Life Skills programs are Drug Education, Drug Testing and Drug Treatment. Examples of past and future projects the Life Skills program promotes, presents or works in partnership with University groups to administer include:

  • Resume and Cover Letter Writing, Interview Skills Workshops;
  • Financial Planning Workshops;
  • Year-round community service activities;
  • Sexual assault prevention and alcohol and drug abuse prevention programming;
  • Nutrition and body-image seminars and proactive education.

Anyone with interest in or ideas for the Life Skills Program should contact the Associate Director of Athletics for Student-Athlete Services and Compliance for information.

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As a part of the CHAMPS/Life Skills program, the Pacific Power Cup is a competitive game played by all varsity sport programs at the University of the Pacific. The cup provides a means by which student-athletes can compete on behalf of their teams for points in different categories that encompass the mission of the NCAA Life Skills program. The point categories focus on developing the individual, being an active role model, acting as a team, supporting other athletes, and academic achievement.

Participation in the competition acts to reinforce an appreciation of the values and lessons that athletics can provide. Participants will realize the impact that they can have on their school and community.

Located in the Pacific Intercollegiate Athletics Center, the Student-Athlete Resource Center has been designed to meet the academic needs of student-athletes. The resource center is filled with study carrels, assorted reference materials and computers with Internet Access. The computers in the Center are for academic and research purposes first. Study sessions and some tutoring also take place in the Student-Athlete Resource Center.

Intercollegiate Athletics manages a student-athlete e-mail list that is used to distribute important information and deadlines to all student-athletes. As a student-athlete you will receive periodic bulletins with important information, dates, deadlines and upcoming events. Please read these notices thoroughly as they contain valuable information. Just as you are expected to be responsible for the information in the Student-Athlete Handbook, you are responsible for the information in the e-mail bulletins as well.

All e-mail addresses used are the address. It is important to check your e-mail address often as the University also uses this address to communicate important notices.

PSAC's mission is to enhance the total student-athlete experience by promoting opportunity for all student-athletes; protecting student-athlete welfare; and fostering a positive student-athlete image, while maintaining the tenets of the NCAA Division I philosophy.

Specifically, the Pacific Student-Athlete Council was formed to:

  • Strive to develop champions for life through leadership, school involvement, academic support and community outreach;
  • Establish and maintain open channels of communication with all student-athletes and administration in order to appropriately express any issues of concern relevant to student-athletes;
  • Develop and promote an environment that is inclusive and respectful of diverse cultures, beliefs and lifestyles.
  • Provide student-athletes the opportunity to contribute to the betterment of the University and the Stockton community as a whole in the hope that they will use their athletic abilities to enhance the lives of others as well as themselves; and
  • Educate student-athletes about rights and regulations that pertain to them in accordance with Conference and NCAA guidelines.

PSAC has two voting representatives from each of the intercollegiate teams. The Council meets every other Thursday at noon (during Pacific Hour), in the Champions Room. All student-athletes are welcome to attend Council meetings and should contact a representative with interest or inquiries. At the meetings, representatives discuss matters affecting student-athlete life and welfare, learn more about NCAA and Conference rules and plan events. The Associate Director of Athletics for StudentAthlete Services and Compliance and Assistant Director of Student-Athlete Services serves as staff advisors to the Council.

A major focus of the Pacific Student-Athlete Council is organizing community service and outreach projects and coordinating student-athlete involvement in those events. They address issues of studentathlete welfare and are committed to providing public service and improving the quality of life in local communities.

2016-17 Officers

Neil Byers - Men's Swimming

Vice President
Timothy Reeves, Men's Water Polo

WCC Representatives
Rebecca Dodele - Women’s Soccer
Jacob Lampkin - Men’s Basketball 

Events and Spirit Coordinators
Melissa Ma - Women’s Soccer
Devon Thumwood - Men’s Water Polo 

Secretary/Tiger Tail Representative
Tyson Fox - Men’s Soccer

Community Service Chairs
Haley Silva - Women’s Cross Country
Lena Perry - Women’s Soccer 

Digital Media Coordinator
Hannah Terry - Women’s Soccer 

Student Life Liaison
Toni Santos - Softball 

PSAC Advisors
Danielle Kelly - Assistant Director of Athletics for Student Athlete Services

Holly Trexler- SWA/Associate Director of Athletics for Student-Athletes & Compliance 

Community Service/Outreach Program
Intercollegiate Athletics has its own community service and outreach program for giving back to the community. A major focus of the Pacific Student-Athlete Council (PSAC) is organizing community service and outreach projects and coordinating student-athlete involvement in those events. PSAC is instrumental in organizing annual Athletics participation in the Safe Trick or Treat and the campus wide Adopt-A-Family Program before winter break.

Along with other outreach events, every year PSAC organizes and hosts Pacific Sports Day; local elementary school classes are invited to the Pacific campus to learn about sportsmanship and being part of a team while getting to know and learn from Tiger student-athletes. In addition to the outreach activities coordinated by and/or through the Pacific Student-Athlete Council, most of Pacific’s individual teams conduct their own outreach programs. The teams visit local elementary schools, make presentations, read to children, volunteer at community events, etc.

Student-athletes who have any questions or suggestions or would like to assist with program implementation, should contact a PSAC representative or the Associate Director of Athletics for Student-Athlete Services and Compliance.

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Holly Trexler- SWA/Associate Director of Athletics for Student-Athletes & Compliance 
(209) 946-2307

Wendy Cornwall
Assistant Director of Compliance 
(209) 946-2934

Danielle Kelly
Assistant Director of Athletics for Student-Athlete Services
(209) 946-2513