Men's Golf - NCAA Championship Blog

Men's Golf - NCAA Championship Blog

NCAA Regional Final Round - May 21, 2011 by T.J. Bordeaux

Today we took to the course looking to accomplish one thing ... make our way to the National Championships. The day got off to a great start and we were looking very good. As the middle of our front nine came, a few of us made stumbles but we kept fighting and we were back within three strokes of qualifying with six holes to play!! We stumbled a little coming home and Texas played solid down the stretch to pull away and beat us by five strokes.

It was a hard fought day at the end of a hard fought week! We dug ourselves a hole early on in the first round and fought like crazy just to have a chance, and that is what we had - a chance. We may not have made it to Nationals but we did make it certain that Pacific Golf is back and is a force to be reckoned with!! As a senior this was my last day of collegiate golf, and I leave with great memories and great friends, the support we have received over the past four years has been incredible! I only wish we could have made the final step to Nationals!!

Keep your eyes on the Tigers next season because they will be ready to make great strides yet again! With Danny Garcia and Alex Edfort coming back to lead the team I am sure the team is in good hands! I am proud to be a Tiger and I always will be! Thank you again to our many supporters and to my fellow graduating seniors, we made one hell of a run!! And thank you to Coach Goethals for 4 great years!   Go TIGERS!!!

NCAA Regional Round 2 - May 20, 2011 by Alex Johnson

Round Two is in the books and we have made things interesting. We shot one-over par as a team today, with T.J. dropping a 68 to spark some low scores for the Tigers, which we will need more of tomorrow. We are in ninth place, but only five shots out of fourth place. The top five teams advance to Nationals, so tomorrow is going to be a battle. We have been fighting all year for this chance and we are all excited for the opportunity.

As one of three seniors on the team I speak for all of us when I say that we wouldn't like anything more than to extend our Pacific careers for one more tournament and a chance at a National Championship! Since my first day on campus at Pacific we have been preparing for this championship. We have put desire, passion, want and determination into our daily lives thanks to coach's vision. Over our time here this team has developed the heart of a champion. The heart of a Tiger! On a day where everything is on the line, we know that our heart will be what pulls us through!

I'm not sure who we are paired with yet but we can't wait for the first tee tomorrow! We are going out for a chill dinner tonight , then back to the hotel for some rest.

Pacific Golf is signing out for today. Follow us tomorrow on as we play and try to punch our ticket to Stillwater for Nationals!

NCAA Regional Round 1 - May 19, 2011 by Patrick Kucich

We had a little bit of a later tee time today. Only playing 18 a day we got to start at 9:10am. The sun was out early and it was 65 degrees, which is perfect for golf. The team seemed relaxed but focused. We had a tough start and our front nine was not very good. Coach Goethals was able to get around to each guy on the team and give them a little "pep talk" before the back nine. Everyone seemed to get back on track and I owe a lot of my good play on the back nine to our assistant Ben Mackie. We were able to get a few shots back and are tied for eighth at plus 10. We are four shots out of fifth place. The top five teams advance to Nationals, so we will fight to get in that top five. Follow us on ... It'll be interesting and exciting.

Practice Round - May 18, 2011 by Danny Garcia

Today we played our practice round at the Farms Golf Club. The weather was overcast and breezy, witch made scoring conditions tough. The golf course is in great shape and fits all of our games very well. We started on the 10th tee just before 9 a.m. After the round we had an up and down contest on the chipping green which alex Edfort ended up winning. The team is very relaxed and we are all ready for tomorrow. Our goal is to simply go out there and just play golf. We have the talent and have all put the time in to give ourselves an opportunity to qualify for nationals. We all look forward to competing in the first round tomorrow morning.

The Tigers arrive in San Diego - May 17, 2011 by Alex Edfort

The team was happy to leave cold rainy Stockton today and be greeted by the warm sun down here on the beach.

The team went out for a great dinner at a little authentic Mexican place. Everyone is really excited to tee it up tomorrow at the Farms. Weather might be a little wet tomorrow but we won't let it dampen the Tigers' fire.