Student-Athletes Honored For Academic Excellence

Student-Athletes Honored For Academic Excellence

Jan. 27, 2011

Stockton, Calif. - 144 Pacific student-athletes were recognized for their hard work in the classroom as each athletic student boasts a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better at Pacific.

In recognition of this accomplishment each student was congratulated by Pacific Director of Athletics, Lynn King, at halftime of the men's basketball contest between the Tigers and the Long Beach State on Jan. 27 at 7 p.m.

All 16 of Pacific's intercollegiate programs as well as the Athletic Training department & Dance Team were represented on the Athletic Director's Honor Wednesday evening.

Athletic Training
Brian Clark
Athletic Training
Ric Lazaro
Athletic Training
Robin Middleton
Athletic Training
Keaton Ray
Athletic Training
Emily Silva
Athletic Training        
Matt Vaughn
Baseball Thomas Berolzheimer
Baseball Kyle Crawford
Baseball Riley Drongesen
Baseball John Haberman
Baseball Daniel Johnston
Baseball Ryan Kochan
Baseball Chris Larsen
Baseball Erik Lockwood
Baseball Brent Mcminn
Baseball John Prato-Matthews
Baseball Robert Richardson
Baseball Angel Rosendo
Baseball Jason Taasaas
Baseball Jacob Waardenberg
Baseball Jared Wagner
Basketball (M) Spencer Llewellyn
Basketball (M) Sam Willard
Basketball (W) Eliza Dy
Basketball (W) Taryn Garza
Basketball (W) Claire McLeod
Basketball (W) Samantha Pettinger
Basketball (W) Andrea Swanson
Cross Country Katie Bella
Cross Country Melissa Hopper
Cross Country Erin Lussier
Cross Country Marina Ota
Cross Country Cassi Rush
Field Hockey Dinah Compton
Field Hockey Stephanie Douglass
Field Hockey Lauren Jeanot
Field Hockey Sarah Miceli
Field Hockey Robin Nelson
Field Hockey Kelly Perkins
Field Hockey Samantha Romero
Field Hockey Amanda Spellman
Field Hockey Doreen Stern
Field Hockey Katelyn Tatar
Field Hockey Emily Tregoning
Field Hockey Emily Trudeau
Field Hockey Jenna Vivian
Field Hockey Corinne Yeider
Golf T.J. Bordeaux
Golf Alex Edfort
Golf Alex Grieb
Golf Alex Johnson
Golf Patrick Kucich
Soccer Kortney Agdeppa
Soccer Chyanne Alejado
Soccer Angelica Figueroa
Soccer Kim Hargrave
Soccer Laura Hernandez-Uribe
Soccer Hillary Hitz
Soccer Laura Hogan
Soccer Jill Medigovich
Soccer Sasha Moscatello
Soccer Sammi Teramae
Soccer Alex Topp
Soccer Kayla Villalpando
Soccer Kristina Wavomba
Soccer Natalie Wong
Softball Megan Allen
Softball Nikki Armagost
Softball Shaina Brock
Softball Taylor DeSilva
Softball Megan Foglesong
Softball Megan Hom
Softball Gabby McDaniel
Softball Kelsey Rodriguez
Swimming (M) RJ Barton
Swimming (M) Chris Berg
Swimming (M) Kevin Byers
Swimming (M) Sean Dunnigan
Swimming (M) Tyler Hannis
Swimming (M) David Hernandez
Swimming (M) Kieffer Holmes
Swimming (M) Derek Kuether
Swimming (M) Hector Lam
Swimming (M) Danny Platow
Swimming (M) Scott Tyler
Swimming (M) Roger Ward
Swimming (M) Dai Wilson
Swimming (M) Zachary Zlotoff
Swimming (W) Ellen Barton
Swimming (W) Shelby Bolin
Swimming (W) Jenna Chaplin
Swimming (W) Callie Decker
Swimming (W) Mallory McGowan
Swimming (W) MaryElla  Randall
Swimming (W) Lydia Schramm
Swimming (W) Dekel Shahaf
Swimming (W) Allie Vetterlein
Swimming (W) Becca Wyant
Tennis (M) Artem Gramma
Tennis (W) Christina Goehl
Tennis (W) Julia Hansen
Tennis (W) Sarah Irvin
Tennis (W) Nikaelli Maciel
Tennis (W) Kateryna Nezhura
Tennis (W) Susan Te
Tennis (W) Jenifer Widjaja
Tennis (W) Megan Yu
Tiger Dancer Brittany Kalenkarian
Tiger Dancer Samantha Langlois
Tiger Dancer Shelby Lewis
Tiger Dancer Stephanie Marinkowski
Tiger Dancer Lauren Ragan
Volleyball (M) Javier Caceres
Volleyball (M) Jared Goldberg
Volleyball (M) Florian Gornik
Volleyball (M) Charles Hindsley
Volleyball (M) Adam Troy
Volleyball (M) Patrick Tunnell
Volleyball (W) Siga Applegate
Volleyball (W) Megan Birch
Volleyball (W) Hannah Clancy
Volleyball (W) Gabby Cowden
Volleyball (W) Svenja Engelhardt
Volleyball (W) Natalie Robinson
Volleyball (W) Jennifer Sanders
Water Polo (M) Austin De Long
Water Polo (M) Joey Doyle
Water Polo (M) Balazs Erdelyi
Water Polo (M) Hector Lam
Water Polo (M) Daniel Lungu
Water Polo (M) Alex Malkis
Water Polo (M) Tyler Reardon
Water Polo (M) Jordan Ritz
Water Polo (M) Goran Tomasevic
Water Polo (M) Jasper Visser
Water Polo (W) Allison King
Water Polo (W) Siobhan Larsen
Water Polo (W) Jessica Loper
Water Polo (W) Melissa Loper
Water Polo (W) Meara McCarthy
Water Polo (W) Bethany Quertermous
Water Polo (W) Dara Tawarahara
Water Polo (W) Nicole Vasco
Water Polo (W) Sophie Waldron