Seven Questions with Women's Soccer's Chyanne Alejado

Seven Questions with Women's Soccer's Chyanne Alejado

Oct. 4, 2010


Senior defender Chyanne Alejado of the Pacific women's soccer team talks about team defense, chemistry, and the start of Big West Conference play.

1. Forwards have goals and assists, what play is the equivalent of that for you as a defender?
I would say stopping a goal or denying my player any type of offensive movement.

2. What preparation do you go through when you know you're facing a high-scoring offense?
Definitely being able to study them on film and knowing what my role is with what player and making sure to stay on them.

3. What have you learned from the tough non-conference schedule?
Every little mistake counts. It's really important to stay focused for the full 90 minutes of the game.

4. Entering Big West play, what are your goals individually, as well as for the team?
Individually, I need to step it up and be a leader: on and off the field. Be there for my teammates. Collectively we need to score some goals because we're in a slump right now. And we want to win the Big West.

5. What kind of chemistry does the team have this season?
Our team is close every season, but I think this season because we went to Costa Rica and from all of our trips, we're really, really close.

6. How important is it for the backline to work together and how does the team chemistry translate to play on the field?
Our backline is really important. It starts with Kylee [Ah Choy], who's our sweeper. Everything just starts from the back and moves its way up, so if we're in sync, usually the whole team is.

7. What does it mean to you to be a Pacific Tiger?
Being a Pacific Tiger... ooh, that's a tough one. It definitely means a whole other family. There's a commitment and dedication; that you're willing to lay everything on the field for your soccer teammates and your sisters.