Tigers Host One.TLC School For The Homeless Clinic

STOCKTON, Calif. - Freshman student-athletes of the University of Pacific volunteered their time to organize and facilitate a clinic for one.TLC School for the homeless youth of Stockton on Tuesday morning. 

One.TLC encourages and supports displaced children so they can succeed in a traditional learning environment. The student-athletes emphasized important skills including teamwork and good sportsmanship through games such a kickball, soccer, and more. 

A teacher from the one.TLC School explain that, "Our students come from hotels, shelters and neighborhoods they wont even go outside to play in.  They really need not only the activity of running around, but they need to learn that socialization that comes from playing team sports. they need to learn to work for the team and not just for them selves."  - Sheri Congrave (K-3 Teacher).

Student's from one.TLC School stated, "I had a lot of fun learning about basketball, soccer, and kickball!" (Akyree).  "It was amazing!" (Adrian)

In addition to the influence the student-athletes had on the children, the children also have had a lasting impact on the student-athletes.

Assistant Director of Athletics for Student-Athlete Services Danielle Kelly added, "I was really proud of the 15 new student-athletes who demonstrated leadership by organizing and facilitating the clinic for children who don't otherwise have the opportunity to play organized sports.  It was great to see the faces of the children as they were able to play with our student-athletes.  I am proud of our Pacific student-athletes being role models to young children in the community."
One.TLC School in Stockton is a credentialed K-6 school in for homeless children which focuses on literacy, individualized instruction, diagnostic assessments, and support services for children whose parents or guardians are homeless or in transition.

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