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Everyone at the University of Pacific appreciates your interest in our baseball camp program. These camps are crucial to the development of our program and the fostering of the game of baseball in the central valley region. The emphasis of our camps is the growth and development of our young athletes both as players and as human beings. We want them to not only learn how to field ground balls, pitch and hit, but also how to learn, listen, make eye contact, and respect their teachers, parents and coaches. We feel we can provide the kids with a very unique experience in this area, starting with the amazing facilities that they will have access to as part of our camp program. These facilities include Klein Family Field, one of the premier baseball fields in the region, as well as our brand new hitting facility that was just finished this summer.   

Bringing kids on campus at a young age is an incredibly valuable way to get them thinking about college at a young age, and introducing them to the idea of college sports, especially Division-1 college baseball, can have a great impact on their scholastic goals. Their interaction with current and former college athletes provides important role models for them as well. We strive to make Pacific Baseball camps something that is enjoyable to the kids in the present moment, and something that is vital to their future development.

We will see you this season,

Mike Neu
Head Baseball Coach
University of the Pacific

Summer Camp Sessions

$300 per week

Session 1 - June 13-17
Session 2 - July 4-8 
Session 3 - July 18-22
Session 4 - August 1-5

Pacific Baseball will be holding four summer camp sessions this year. The camps will focus on skill development as well as exercise and lots of fun for all the kids. Our goal is to break up the campers and teach age-specific skills to each group throughout the day.

The camps will be run by Pacific Baseball coaches Joe Slater and Mike Reuvekamp. The staff will consist of Pacific Baseball players past and present, as well as some other local college baseball players.