School Songs

Tiger Fight Song
The fight song was written in 1922 by Bob Couchman '22 and composed by Russ Bodley '23. The original title of the fight song was "Hungry Tigers".

Come on you hungry tigers - fight- fight- fight
Let's win the game you tigers - fight- fight- fight
See the tigers breaking through, After goals, we'll get them too-
Fighting for UOP, We're after victory-
So hail, oh hail the orange and the black
See those banners gleam-
We'll shout for fame, Cause we'll win the game!!
We're the fighting tiger- We're the fighting tiger-
We're the fighting tiger team!!

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Pacific Hail!
(Pacific Alma Mater)
Words & Music by Lois Warner Winston COP '23, '58

From o'er the rugged mountains standing high;
From out the broad low valleys, 'neath the sky;
Our alma mater calls, We cannot fail,
Our voices blend in praise, Pacific Hail! Pacific Hail!
Long may her flaming torch give out its light;
Long may her spirit guide us in the right;
To her we pledge our hearts, We dare not fail;
To her we raise our song,
Pacific Hail! Pacific Hail!