Pacific Softball NCAA Championship Blog

Pacific Softball NCAA Championship Blog

One Chapter Ends So That Another Can Begin - May 21, 2011 by Shaina Brock & Gabby McDaniel

Although these last couple games did not turn out as we hoped the team has gained a lot of experience by making post-season. The returners are left with a bitter taste in their mouths. We feel confident that the team will make post season next year and will be able to build off of this season and win their regional tournament.

The last game of the season comes with bittersweet feelings for those that are leaving. Such a huge chapter has been closed with so many other doors opening; everyone and the game will be truly missed. It was great to end our careers winning Big West and making it to post-season. We wish we could do it again next year but are also excited for all of the new opportunities that lie ahead of us. The skills and friendships we have gained from this sport and the last four years will stay with us as we move on to the next stage in our lives. We love our Tigers and wish them the best of luck next year.

Day One In The Books, Bring On Day Two - May 20, 2011 by Lindsey Pierce

Regionals... WOW! It's officially started! Today started off like any "normal" day, sleeping in for once, a great breakfast with teammates, a bit of sitting around, a lunch run, and one game. Our lunch run had a bit of excitement when the journey to the super market took a solid twenty-five minutes because the first one we tried to stop at wasn't even built. On this journey the bus drove by a ton of trees that hit the side of the bus making all these loud sounds that freaked the back half of the bus out (We screamed like little girls). Once we finally arrived at the super market we all made our way to the deli to load up on goodies. Everyone finally loaded back onto the bus and began stuffing our faces. Since it wouldn't be a normal day if Boss didn't surprise us with something, he a got out of the bus to direct traffic so the bus could get out of the parking lot. When he hopped back on we gave him a round of applause, he smirked and had a seat. Back to the hotel we went to get game ready.

We arrived at the field about 4 o'clock making our way to the rugby field to warm up. Since we got there so early we proceeded to keep our day normal and play a bit of hack. As usual people were all over the place and just like any other typical hack-sesh we were all laughing at some point because of a sweet hack move or a funny sound someone made. When we finally got the "Let's go!" call we ran, stretched, and threw before we made our way to the cages. During our forty-minute cage time we were all anxious to get our cuts in, as well as peeking through the cracks of the fence to see what was happening in Fresno and Nebraska's game. Once our time was up we made our way up to watch the end of the other game that had gone into extra innings. And again we got a "Let's go!" when the first game ended and we made our way to the first base dugout.

Our game started late, but we didn't care we just wanted to play. Being visitors is exciting for us because we enjoy getting our cuts in early. The game was moving quickly, maybe a bit too quick for our usual liking. Our coaches always say win every inning because a game can change in just one. Unfortunately our game did change in one inning and the first day at Regionals didn't go our way. It's tough to lose the first day because now we have to climb back up the bracket but us Tigers are really great climbers. We know that sometimes a storm can knock us back a bit, but when it passes we get right back to the hauling our butts up the mountain, or in this case the bracket. We're done being upset about this one game and we are most definitely ready to plant another flag at the top of our mountain tomorrow when we take on Nebraska.

Day one is done... Bring it day two!! Let's go get'em Tigers!

Practice Day Get Pacific Prepared For Action - May 19, 2011 by Megan Allen

The day began at a bit slower pace. After a great night's sleep, and no where to be until 11, everyone was able to get moving at their own pace. Breakfast was amazing, as usual. It was the perfect combination of protein, carbs, and awesome conversation- by far the best way to start the day.

As we loaded the bus, excitement was definitely in the air. When we finally arrived at Stanford, we were ready to play ball. However, our practice slot wasn't until 12, so we had some time to kill. As always, we reached for the hacky sac- the go-to game if we have any down time. If our game of hack was any indication of what the rest of the day would bring, we were definitely in for a day filled with fun and laughter.

After Nebraska finished their practice, we were able to hop on the field and begin our workout. We started with a few Domination Stations, our version of a hitting circuit. The final station was live batting practice off of our pitching coach, Coach George. It felt pretty nice to see a few balls leave the yard. Hopefully it is an augury of things to come.

After we wrapped up the offensive portion of the practice, we shifted our focus on to defense. It was awesome to get a few reps on the same field we will be playing on this weekend. We ended practice with our pre-game routine, looking as sharp as ever.

At this point, the Tigers are anxious to play. We are not nervous, not worried, just excited. We haven't been to Regionals in four years, and we are pumped to show the world what Pacific has been up to. Even though we are unbelievably thrilled to be here, simply being at Regionals is not the goal. We are here to compete. We are a great team, full of quality people. Individually, we have worked our whole lives for this weekend, and as a team, we have worked all year. Day in and day out, we have poured our blood, sweat, tears, and heart into this team and this program. This weekend is the culmination of all that work. We finally get to reap what we have been sowing for the past year.

Well, it's almost time to head off to what is bound to be yet another unforgettable team dinner. Thank you so much for all your love and support. GO TYGS!

Pacific Gears Up To Head To Stanford - May 18, 2011 by Amy Moore & Tori Shepard

Today, we started our day in the weight room with a high five and a smile from Marcus, our strength and conditioning coach. Afterward, we gathered in the locker room as Kelsey Rodriguez, the newest Big West Freshman of the Year, video taped all our stellar dance moves to pump us up for this weekend. (Don't worry, video to come on the Softball Facebook page).

We then headed out to the field for our last home practice of the week. We are ecstatic that we are only a couple days away from putting all our hard work to the test! Our team has so much to offer in so many ways. We know the possibilities are endless. From fall until now, we have proven ourselves against tough competition and we are not showing any signs of stopping now. As we know, our first opponent is Stanford. Having played them a month ago, we are aware of their strengths. They are a very talented team, but so are we. We have learned a lot since then, so this time around we know what has to be done in order to be VICTORIOUS!! We have had all week to mentally and physically prepare ourselves and at this time we feel as a team that we are all at our peak. Our hitters are seeing the ball better than ever (hitting a Big-West best .327).

At the moment we are on the bus heading to Palo Alto, sadly without Johnny (our regular bus driver), but we know he will be there in spirit. That's all for now......see ya later alligator.